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Nigerian Culture:

The Nigerian culture is vast; with three major ethnic groups namely: Igbos, Hausa-Fulanies and Yorubas. Although, there are several other tribes in the country; the three mention are the main ones.

Geographically each of these ethnic groups have there domains in the country.

  • Igbos are located in the easthern part of Nigeria.
  • Hausa-Fulani in the northern part of Nigeria.
  • Yorubas are located in the western part of the country.

While each one of them has there domain, the country is united with Abuja being the sit of power. The Nigeria flag has three vertical bands of green, white, green. The two green stripes represent Nigeria's natural wealth, while the white band represents peace.

Entertainment in Nigeria:

Talking of entertainment in Nigeria, this is vast. With different organizations like PMAN and Nollywood in the country, you can be rest assured to enjoy the country to the fullest.

Each week, the Nollywood industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Not only is the industry contributing the the richness of the Nigeria entertainment industry, but also contributing to the economy of the country.

The industry has few of the following categories:

  • Nigerian film producers.
  • Nigerian music industry executives‎.
  • Nigerian record producers‎.
  • Nigerian television producers.

Nigeria entertainment sector worth billions of dollars; with lots of investments in music and high quality movies.

In Nigeria, the business world is at your finger tips. It all depends on what you want to make out of it. While many look for business opportunities each day, business opportunities look for other in the country.


Today, Nigeria business is growing at a faster rate. This can be seen in her economy dominance in African. Also, some of the world richest men and women as come out of the country. We have Aliko Dangote and Folorunso Alakija as two of the wealthiest human on earth today.

When it comes to business, Nigeria is one of the few countries you can invest in. Either the brick and mortar business of the online business, true, the country is a place to do them.

With population of over 20 million, the online business is booming. For example, Jumia, Konga, Yudala and Maybrands are few of the leading online good stores in the country. They focus on the eCommerce side of the Nigeria business and everything is going on good for them.

Taking a look at the online shopping sites, oil and gas industry, Nigeria has come out to be a place where the world leading oil companies want to do business. Also, the agricultural industry is booming too.

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